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Peak Tram
o These electrically-powered tramcars can hold 120 passengers at a time o The tram makes the trip from station to station approximately 90 times each day o Visitors can purchase single journey tickets or round trip fares o Don’t forget to see The Peak Tram Historical Gallery o Free entry for children under 3 o Free entry for aged 65 or above o Opening time – Monday-Sunday & Public holidays: 7 AM Closing time – -Sunday & Public holidays: 12 AM (midnight) o Ticket price – For Adult : HK$ 28, For Child &Senior; : HK$ 11
Peak Tower
o The Peak Tower now has eight floors with viewing terrace o All age group can enjoy o This place is a well-connected with local transport o Opening time – Monday-Friday: 10 AM& Saturday, Sunday and Public holidays: 8 AM Closing time – Monday-Sunday (public holidays also): 11 PM
Victoria Peak
o For majestic view, visit the place at night o There is a restaurant nearby o Free entry for children under 3 o It will give you full 270 degree view of Hong Kong
o Yat Tung Heenis a traditional restaurant nearby o Don’t forget to see the Flower market o It’s a great place to purchase electronic items o Always Open
Goldfish Market
o For more fun, visit the place after dark o Taking metro is the most convenient option o Don’t pay anyone for taking a picture o Best time to visit when one of Hong Kong’s festivals is in full swing
Ladies Market
o Most stall are open by 1pm o Bring hat and sunscreen o Stay hydrated o For good experience, try to go during fine weather o Some stall are closed during 4pm to midnight and Sunday and public holiday
Avenue Of Stars
o You can enjoy the fresh air and sunshine on the bay o Don’t miss the light show o Light starts at 8pm o Photographic opportunity with friends and family o Try visiting at night for great view
Ruins Of St Paul
The vestiges now comprise of the southern stone front which had been complicatedly designed between 1620 and 1627 by Japanese Christians, while being banished from their country under the reign of Italian Jesuit Carlo Spinola. The carvings incorporate Jesuit pictures with Oriental topics.
Senado Square
In the early 1990s, the power procured some Portuguese masters to clear the square with a wave-designed mosaic of shaded stones. The structures around the Senado Square have a long history and have numerous western characteristics.
Macau Fishermans Wharf
There is no entry fee but ticket charges apply for certain attractions
Hong Kong Disneyland
o Ticket price – Check the website. This is highly variable depending on age, day, and ticket type. o Typical Asia food and dishes are served inside the park. o Don’t forget to meet Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Daisy o Free entry for children under 3 o Tickets are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase o Rides for the young adult are very limited o Stay Hydrated o Wear hats if it’s sunny o Use sunscreen