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Trip ke Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Budapest
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Amsterdam Canals
The old buildings and the restaurants make a wonderful sight for the tourists which can be best enjoyed by opting for the cruise. No parking charges. Unlimited boats for adventure. Ticket price: none (however, a token amount is charged for the boat rides) Time taken to see the place: depends upon the type of cruise chosen as per choice. Normally a couple of hours are enough to have a quick visit of the canals. Open time: 24x7 (except for the time when the canals remain closed for maintenance for a day or two every week)
Photography and filming are not allowed. Security check is mandatory and you cannot take big bags with you. Open time: 9 am. Open on all 7 days a week, since 13th April, 2013 Close time: 5 pm and the ticket counter closes at 4.30 pm Ticket price: € 15 is the entry fee for the adults to the museum. No entry charges for tourists of 18 years and less. Time taken to see the place: It depends upon your preference and choice. If you want to explore every nook and corner of the museum, then you will need weeks. On the other hand, if you just want to go through the collection, then a few hours of time will be enough.
Anne Frank House
- The last admittance is 30 minutes before closing. - Tourists are not allowed to take photographs or films - Close time: 9 pm during the weekdays. Between 15th March to 14th September, on Saturdays, the building is open until 10 pm in the night. In the months of July and August, it is open until 10 pm in the night and from September 15th to 14th March 7 pm in the evening. - Ticket price: for people above 18 it is EUR 8.50, between 10 – 17 years old it is EUR 4 and below 10 years, admittance is free
Royal Palace
Closing time on Thursday: 8 PM Warning: Closed on multiple holidays around the year. Warning: The Royal Apartments may be closed whenever at the King’s direction. Tip: The guided tours are included with the ticket purchase.
Heineken Experience
- You will have two glasses of beer at the end of the tour. - Close time: from Monday to Thursday 7.30 pm, Friday to Sunday 8.30 pm and from 24th to 31 December, 4 pm. The last person is admitted about 2 to 2.30 hours before the closing time. - Ticket price: for an adult and a minor over the age 16 it is EUR 18, for an adult and a minor between 8 and 15 it is EUR 14 and minors below 8 are free. Online ticket will cost EUR 16.
- Admission is reserved for people over the age of sixteen only.
Amsterdam Historisch Museum
- Open time: 10 am from Monday to Friday and on weekends and national holidays it is 11 am - Close time: 5 pm daily, except on 4th May (2 pm) and 5th, 24th and 31 December (4 pm) - Ticket price: for adults it is EUR 10, children up to 5 it is free, for children from 6 to 18 it is EUR 5 and for senior citizens it is EUR 7.50. - It will provide you an insight in the history and life of the city
Houseboat Museum
- Unlike the other museums, you can poke anything you want and sit anywhere you like in this museum. Indeed that is fun and interesting. - Close time: March to October - 5 pm from Tuesday to Sunday and from November to February - 5 pm from Friday to Sunday. - Ticket price: it is EUR 3.75 for the adults and EUR 3 for children with the height up to 152 centimetres.
Church Of St Nicholas
- Open time: 11.00 am weekdays, 12.00 pm Mondays and Saturday - Close time: 4.00 pm weekdays, 3.00 pm Mondays and Saturdays, Sunday closed
Museum Amstelkring
- You have to book for the tour one week in advance over the phone or through an agent - Open time: 10 am from Monday to Saturday, on Sunday 1 pm - Close time: 5 pm from Monday to Sunday (it remains closed on 1st January and 30th April) - Ticket price: EUR 6 for the adults, for children between the age 5 and 18 it is EUR 4 and for children below the age of 4, it is free. There are tours of the museum available at EUR 32 per person and there are separate tours available for the children.